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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Minimum Wage in Ontario

Minimum Wage Workers in Ontario

9.3 per cent of all paid workers in Ontario earned minimum wage in 2012 42 per cent were teenagers 15 to 19 years old and 20 per cent were young adults aged 20 to 24 36 per cent were adults 25 to 64 years old, while three per cent were seniors Women and recent immigrants are more likely to be working for minimum wage 56 per cent were sons or daughters living at home, 23 per cent were in couple relationships and about three per cent were lone parents 48.4 per
discount ray bans cent are employed in large firms (over 500 employees) 41.7 per cent of minimum wage workers are employed in small firms (fewer than 100 employees) 9.9 per cent are employed in medium sized firms (100 to 500 employees) Future Adjustments to Minimum Wage

he province is introducing the Fair Minimum Wage Act that, if passed, will tie future adjustments to Ontario’s
replica ray bans Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Annual adjustments would be announced on April 1 and come into effect on Oct. 1 of the same year. This change would be effective as of Oct. 1, 2015.

Any adjustments that would result in an amount that is not a multiple of five cents would be rounded up or down to the nearest nickel. If an adjustment would result in a decrease in minimum wage rates, no adjustment would be made.

Implementation of Ontario’s New Minimum
discount ray bans Wage:Jan. 30, 2014

June 1, 2014April 1, 2015

Oct. 1, 2015

$11 + 2014 CPI increase

April 1, 2016

Oct. 1, 2016

2015 minimum wage + 2015 CPI increase

Increases for Specific Job Categories:

cheap ray ban outlet minimum wage rates for specific job categories will increase proportionately to the general minimum wage.Articles Connexes:

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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Featured Articles about Anaheim Ca Celebrations

ANAHEIM : Free Festival Aimed at City’s Teen Agers

May 30, 1990

The city will hold its first Teen Fest on Saturday in La Palma Park, featuring live music, a fashion show, a job fair and game booths. Among the performers will be pop singer Bianca, whose debut album was recently released on the Warner Bros. label, and the group No Doubt, which regularly performs its world beat and funk music at Los Angeles area nightclubs.


ANAHEIM : Teen Moms Nurture Education

December 22, 1990 LYNN SMITH

About 20 teen age mothers brought their diaper bags, strollers and babies to Gilbert High
fake ray bans School on Friday for the continuation school’s annual baby celebration. In the past two years, there have been about 40 births to students at the school. "These girls have a tough enough time," said Shirley Wood, who teaches the Pregnant Girl Program. "They need a positive experience. We say, ‘Hey, you’re OK and we love your children.’


Anaheim to Celebrate Heritage Day

June 2, 1996

Butter churning, blacksmithing and other skills from days gone by will be demonstrated today at the city’s 15th annual Heritage Day celebration of Western history and culture. at Oak Canyon Nature Center in Anaheim Hills.


Sponsors Move Gay Dance From Pond : Event: Promoter suspects increased fees are result of anti homosexual prejudice. Manager calls that ‘ludicrous.’


Saying they suspect anti gay prejudice, organizers of a giant gay dance party said Tuesday that they have
discount ray bans been slapped with so many restrictions and extra costs by The Pond’s management that they are moving the event to Los Angeles. But the general manager of the Anaheim arena, Brad Mayne, called the allegations of prejudice "ludicrous." He said costs escalated as the event grew in size and scope, and added that he is sorry to see it go elsewhere.


Park Outing Puts Focus on Past : Heritage: 4,000 gather at Anaheim’s Oak Canyon Nature Center to enjoy a mixture of unspoiled nature and local history. It might have been the pungent, unfamiliar aroma of sage, chaparral or oak leaves. Or maybe frying tortillas, or Irish stew being dished up over an open camp fire by volunteers dressed in historical costumes.


Festival With Eastern Quality Takes On Western Flavor : Holiday: Obon, a commemoration of the dead, is celebrated by Japanese Americans with food, folk dances and
cheap ray ban outlet fun. When the Anaheim cashier stopped her car and peeked through the gates, she was immediately invited to join the thousands who had gathered to celebrate the Japanese festival of Obon. A commemoration of the dead, Obon dates back many centuries in Japan and is celebrated every year
discount ray bans as a summer carnival. Shoe heels stuck in the new asphalt, which was melting along with people’s patience in the hot July sun. A gas leak shut down Fantasyland. There wasn’t a drinking fountain that worked in the entire park, and restaurants quickly ran out of food and drink.


Animal Attraction : Circus Lovers Gather to Cheer as Elephants, Zebras and Other Beasts Parade Off to the Big TopArticles Connexes:

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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

War and Americans

(SALEM) You know, I heard it again this week.

I’m talking about those statements that start with "The media" and lead to "the war" and then there is this connection with "what is wrong" and you know what?

Unlike the late Dana Stone shown to the left, I have not covered an active war or combat, so
cheap ray bans I do not claim to know more than I do, but if people think the media is free to cover news at will in the war theaters, they are mistaken, there is a great deal of control.

Yes, there are some free crews moving around Iraq at great risk, but the United States got this bright idea a few years ago that they would embed reporters and photographers with the troops.

So immediately, the coverage is only through one point of view.

So this week, when a person who I think a great deal of, said, "The media doesn’t tell the truth, they find weapons fields all the time and it never gets reported," I was floored.

I don’t just mean on FOX News either.

They would blow their loudest brass horns, because that would verify their point, prove that the President was right all along, when we all know that we were lied to, and people like Colin Powell, who all of us really want to like, have been made instruments of the administration’s bungled policies.

Does anyone really believe that if the government was finding "weapons fields" that even hinted at being WMD’s, that we wouldn’t hear about it?

But historically, the media is the scapegoat. The truth of war is depressing. The role of a journalist is to convey truth. The loss of one war in our recent history was blamed by many on the pictures of death and destruction that were shown on the nightly news.

One of our biggest national headaches, is the fact that from Richard Nixon to the neo cons of today, people say that we lost Vietnam because of the media. Even General William Westmoreland said it, and I know he was and still is, an intelligent man.

But there’s no way Uncle Sam, you lost that war because of choices that were made, political choices.

It was a cause initiated by a man named John F. Kennedy to halt the flow of communism in Southeast Asia, that was a move of conscience. Communists have an established tendency to be ruthless, and nobody in that war committed atrocities at the rate that the Viet Cong did, and that was against their own people. President named Truman ignored the pleas of the Vietnamese in the immediate years following WWII.

Those Vietnamese, led by a man named Ho Chi Minh, simply wanted to keep French invaders from once again, setting up shop on their soil while keeping them out of their own political process.

Can you blame a person or a nation from wanting that? Certainly we don’t believe that this is only OK for
fake ray bans Americans.

People who talk smack about the French because the country’s leaders didn’t want to attack Iraq, almost always know little or nothing about world history and that includes a certain windbag named Bill O’Reilly on FOX News. If they did know history, they wouldn’t judge the French for staying out of the current war as harshly as they would for precipitating a war that would claim the lives of over 58,000 Americans called Vietnam.

Of course O’Reilly wasn’t in Vietnam, like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Cheney, etc. O’Reilly thinks and laments that Americans killed unarmed Nazi SS guards at Malmedy when in actuality, the event he was discussing, the Malmedy Massacre that happened during the Battle
cheap ray bans of the Bulge, involved the cold blooded killing of between 72 84 American soldiers.

Here is O’Reilly’s exact quote from May 30th during an interview with General Wesley Clark. forces captured SS forces who had their hands in the air, and they were unarmed, and they shot them
discount ray bans down," O’Reilly’s statement refers to the Belgian town of Malmedy, which was fought over during the Battle of the Bulge. "You know that. That’s on the record, been documented. In Iwo Jima, the same thing occurred. Japanese attempted to surrender, and they were burned in their caves."

But O’Reilly’s historical certainty was astonishingly misplaced. soldiers were massacred by German SS panzer forces in one of the most notorious war crimes on the Western Front.

I’m sorry, but is there time in life to ever talk about any problems that involve WWII, death and Nazi’s? I have no time for it. The Malmedy War Crimes Trial

It is entertaining if you let it be, because liars like O’Reilly really don’t know what they are talking about.

It also isn’t conservative to go about business the way the new administration has; even sticking its nose into our locally operated public schools system for the first time in history.Articles Connexes:

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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Above and Beyond

Treasury to Put a Woman on the $10 Bill NBC NewsMarine Guilty of Murder for 2006 Killing of Iraqi NBC News

Humaira Bachal always dreamed of flaunting her stellar report cards to her father. I wanted was to show him that I was top in mathematics, says the Pakistani women activist, her dark brown eyes brimming for a few seconds. I never could. father, a devout Muslim, came from a family in which women were rarely allowed outside the home, even when seriously unwell. An illiterate lorry driver, he abhorred
cheap ray bans the fact that his eldest daughter attended school, thinking she never find a husband, and expressed his feelings through his fists. father was my greatest opponent, she says. But Bachal, now 26, did go to school and much more besides. Today, she runs the Dream Foundation Model Street School for the boys and girls of Moach Goth, the impoverished settlement where she still lives, at the edge of Karachi, Pakistan biggest city.

At first Bachal and her three cousins taught local waifs in her cramped living room. Step by step, they upgraded facilities and premises by entreating local philanthropists for donations and urging former pupils to serve as teachers. The school now boasts 34 staff and 1,200 pupils in a gleaming $25,000 three story building that opened in August, funded partly through pop megastar Madonna Ray of Light Foundation. Students learn math, Urdu and English. There are spanking computer and science labs plus a spacious art studio. Children are charged 1 per day.

Moach Goth residents eke out a hardscrabble existence. The main access road is flanked by the gang riven ghetto of Lyari on one side and the ramshackle colony on crudely reclaimed mangrove on the other. Rubble fills the street, an acrid pall of dust and jet black smoke charring the lungs. The foremost trade is hauling goods by donkey cart. A good day may proffer a few dollars; a bad, nothing. Education is a luxury few can afford.

Bachal has changed that, although simply educating herself was a momentous achievement. To escape her father ire, she would stash her school uniform at a friend house. When he went to work, she would nip over, get changed and sprint to class. School was paid for with pennies earned helping her mother collect and bundle firewood.

Then tragedy struck. Bachal 1 year old cousin died minutes after being given out of date medicine mother couldn read the expiry date on the bottle. Illiteracy cost Bachal cousin his life, but the tragedy was an epiphany for her: made up my mind the children of the area must be educated. Many deemed her a troublemaker and demanded she be banished. Bachal tuned out their
cheap ray ban outlet threats and just kept talking and teaching. Public opinion eventually turned Bachal father became a convert. would not praise her efforts? says Nishar Ahmed Khuhro, Sindh province minister of education. need people coming forward to do this work. is a desert when it comes to female education. Literacy for women stands at just 26%. (If you use a stricter criterion than just being able to write one name, divide that figure in half.) Only 13 million of 32 million girls under 14 are formally enrolled in school. In addition, the Taliban frequently target schools, as illustrated by the horrific attack on a military run campus in the northern city of Peshawar on Dec. 16, which claimed at least 147 lives, mostly children.

Pakistan education system feeds Islamization, as the poorest turn to madrasahs. These institutions are comparatively wealthy, typically funded via Saudi or other overseas benefactors, with free facilities. But the curriculum is largely religious, and a parochial worldview dominates. It a vicious cycle in which poverty and zealotry feed each other.

Bachal knows this only too well. After completing high school she studied at a madrasah
cheap ray bans for a degree in Islamic studies, donning a to heel burqa and gloves for classes. But she was unable to reconcile her teachers preaching for the subjugation of women with what she read in the scriptures of the Prophet Muhammad wives who would compose poetry and conduct business. She quit six months before graduation. don need burqas, says Bachal, who married a childhood friend in late 2014. a man looks at me with bad intentions, I can smash him in the face him know I equal to men. perils of espousing such views in Pakistan are starkly illustrated by Malala Yousafzai, the 17 year old female education advocate and Nobel Peace Prize winner who miraculously survived getting shot in the head by the Taliban in October 2012. Like Malala, Bachal isn afraid. they kill me, I would have sacrificed for my people, she says. will have achieved nothing as there are now many like me. means girls like Bakhtawar Muhammad Hanif, 16, who wants to join Pakistan elite
discount ray bans Criminal Investigation Department (CID) after she graduates from the Dream Foundation school. lots of crime in our society, so if I become CID I can do a little bit to address that, says Bakhtawar. Yet another young Pakistani woman fighting for her dream. Church NBC NewsSlain Pastor ‘Answered Call to Preach at the Age of 13′ NBC News

Josephine Desmond had been up all night pleading with her family members to leave their village of Maslog in the eastern Philippines. The reason: a monster storm was barreling straight at them. By the morning of Nov. 8 last year, no one was answering the phone. From her home in Subic Bay, a town in the northern part of the archipelago nation, Josephine saw images of death and devastation on television. felt like I had lost everyone, she says.

Josephine was lucky all her kin were evacuated. But, for many, Supertyphoon Haiyan was a killer. Haiyan was the fiercest storm on record ever to make landfall anywhere, with wind speeds exceeding 300 km/h and a 7 m high storm surge that flattened entire communities. More than 6,300 people died. A once tranquil region resembled a war zone.

With most infrastructure destroyed and local officials shell shocked, international aid was blocked. Hours turned to days without relief. When help finally arrived in Maslog, it came in the form of a rickety van sporting the logo ocean adventure small marine park at Subic Bay owned by Josephine, 40, an expert diver, and her American husband Tim, 66, an animal trainer with Free Willy on his r first the Desmonds intended to bring essential supplies for just Josephine relatives, whose homes were either wiped out or barely standing. But they quickly decided to provide for all of Maslog 500 or so families in case jealousy sparked resentment or even violence. could create a potentially dangerous situation, says Tim. I started asking around and everybody pitched in. It was phenomenal. Adventure was transformed into an emergency center. Tons of food, medicine, clothes and sanitary products were collected, and trucks were acquired to transport it all. Josephine and five armed men set off in a 20 year old Toyota van with the first shipment to scout the route. Over the next two days and nights, they sawed their way through downed trees blocking roads, cooled down a constantly overheating engine and persuaded police at checkpoints to allow them through.

Outside the regional capital of Tacloban, Josephine and her team encountered looters holding up a delivery truck belonging to a local grocery chain. were hungry, says Josephine. could have happened. I told them to take the goods but don hurt the driver. The looters did as Josephine said and allowed her to continue with her shipment intact.

Miraculously, only two had died in Maslog, but the need for food and medicine was desperate. After setting up camp in a schoolyard, Josephine registered residents to keep track of what they received, and distributed her supplies. In Subic Bay, Tim packed chainsaws and half a ton of nails to carve up thousands of felled coconut trees to build new houses in Maslog.

More typhoons form in the warm waters around the Philippines than anywhere else in the world. With ocean temperatures rising because of global warming, the threat has intensified. Two super pummeled the Philippines in the two years before Haiyan, claiming about 2,000 lives. In the past year, one supertyphoon narrowly skirted the country, before Typhoon Hagupit hit in early December. called one of the largest peacetime evacuations ever, moving about 1.7 million people to temporary shelters. At least 27 people died, but the death toll could have been much higher without those steps.

That wasn the case with Haiyan. Both the preparation and the response were painfully in Haiyan impact had been anticipated for days, but residents were not sufficiently warned about the expected storm surge, and government relief money didn flow in earnest for a year. As the next typhoon season started, more than 2,000 people were still living in tents. a time when we needed help the most, our government did not help us, says Bernardita Valenzuela, information chief at Tacloban city hall. unpardonable. four months, the Desmonds were exhausted. In all, they had distributed about 20 tons of aid. But Josephine had contracted chikungunya, a virus spread by mosquitoes that causes fever, aches and rashes. Also, the Desmonds began to run up against local corruption. wonderful moment when everyone pulls together only lasts for a while, says Tim. people start to recover, all of this bubbles up and gets worse. It was time to go home.

Not until Oct. 30 did the central government in Manila finally approve a $3.8 billion recovery plan, supported mainly by the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, for the areas pummeled by Haiyan. The long delay spotlights how essential the Desmonds work was. Tim, though, is modest about what he and Josephine accomplished. contribution was merely a grain of sand, he says. we managed to hold out until the big boys came in. He helps Tsering Dolma with her daily chore of rounding up the goats, counting them and securing for the night. Treasury to Put a Woman on the $10 Bill NBC NewsMarine Guilty of Murder for 2006 Killing of Iraqi NBC News

The goats scatter, seeking out foliage to nibble across the rocky terrain of Ladakh, an inhospitable part of India Jammu and Kashmir state hard on the Himalayan mountains. Two ethnic Changpa goatherds greet a trio of outside visitors with a friendly juleh in Ladakhi. Their hands busily circling Buddhist prayer beads, they listen as 38 year old Babar Afzal asks questions, takes notes and explains the Pashmina Goat Project he established in 2012.

Indian pashmina, better known as cashmere, is a highly prized wool. It six times thinner than human hair and can cost several thousand dollars on the international market when turned into a single scarf. But the nomadic Changpas, most of whom are poor and illiterate, don see much of that money. Middlemen buy the raw pashmina wool for anything from $40 to $80 a kilogram and sell it for up to five times more. so much struggle in our lives, says goatherd Tsering Dolma, 39, waving her rough hands at the shabby tent where her 3 year old son roams in threadbare clothes. would we want our children to continue in this trade? believes he has the answer. His Pashmina Goat Project brings together more than 8,000 ethnic Changpa goatherds, some 1.5 million of their livestock and about 300,000 weavers into a cooperative whose aim is empowerment. The co op educates the Changpas about the worth of their flocks, helps them negotiate better deals for their wool, and informs them about the increasingly erratic weather patterns that hurt the well being of their goats. pashmina ecosystem is a storehouse of ancient culture and religious practices, says Babar. important that this community flourish. plight of the Changpas partly reflects that of Kashmir. The region, divided into Jammu and Kashmir on India side and Azad Kashmir on Pakistan has been hotly disputed by the two countries since 1947. Besides the face off between two bristling armies three wars have been fought over the territory and Kashmir is subject to attacks by Islamic and separatist insurgents. In 1996, Babar left his birthplace of Jammu, the state winter capital, for New Delhi, joining thousands of other young Kashmiris desperate to escape a web of militancy and unemployment. After graduating in business management, he worked as a consultant for multinationals like McKinsey Co. in India and overseas. But he couldn get Kashmir out of his mind. wanted to be back home, he says. pull was strong. He also spotlights the impact of climate change through his abstract art: paintings, mugs, even iPhone covers. change is Kashmir biggest problem, even worse than terrorism, he says.

Ladakh goats, which grow to nearly a meter high and typically live about seven years, produce 80% of India pashmina. In recent years, however, supplies have dwindled as the weather changed. Ladakh Changtang plateau, which extends into neighboring Tibet, has long been a frosty wasteland where temperatures plunge to Though hardy, more than 22,000 pashmina goats starved to death in 2012 because of an unusually harsh winter than a meter of snow fell instead of the normal 2 or 3 cm. horrific sight of thousands of dead goats and bewildered Changpas haunted me for months, says Babar.Articles Connexes:

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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Judiciary hearing to affect Gunnedah and North Tamworth

GUNNEDAH Bulldogs and North Tamworth Bears were sweating on favourable outcomes for two of their star players at last night’s Group 4 judiciary in Gunnedah as they prepare for the major end of season games over the next two Sundays.

Trent Hilton makes a bust against North Tamworth last Sunday with hooker Oli Neader in support. Hilton is a finallist in The Leader Group 4 Player of the Year Awards as well as carrying a major attacking workload for the Bulldogs in Sunday’s final against Narrabri. Photo: Geoff O’Neill 070914GOF02

North Tamworth prop Jake Cocking and Gunnedah lock and captain Jordy Ford were sent off in the final 10 minutes of last Sunday’s major semi final and charged with striking.

Ford received a high grade striking charge, which carries 500 points (five weeks) and
replica ray bans Cocking a medium range striking charge of 300 points (three weeks).

Both need to contest the charges and escape penalty to play further parts in
cheap ray bans this year’s premiership.

Ford and his Bulldogs play Narrabri Blues at Kitchener Park on Sunday, the winner playing North Tamworth in Sunday week’s grand final at Jack Woolaston Oval, North Tamworth.

Gunnedah will host next Wednesday night’s Group 4 presentation night.

The Gunnedah Services and Bowling Club hosted the inaugural awards last year and Group 4 officials are hoping for a bigger night to pay homage to all their stars in the four grades ladies’ League Tag, Under
fake ray bans 18, second grade and first grade.

The main award is Northern Daily Leader Group 4 Player of the Year Award.

Gunnedah’s Trent Hilton, Narrabri’s Lachlan Cameron, West Lions’ Tom Hine and North Tamworth’s Jake Cocking are the four finalists in that major award, with the likes of North Tamworth’s Nic Dobson and West Lions’ Phil Beaton just outside the final four.

"It starts at 7pm," Group 4 secretary Mick Schmiedel said of the awards presentation.

"It’s the same format as last year only this year we have the Ladies League Tag in place of the Under 16s.

"We had a good night last year and hope to put a bit more prestige back into the game again.

"I think it’s a lot better than handing the awards out on grand final day.

"I know last year Marshall Barker (2013 NDL Group 4 Player Of The Year) was ecstatic with it.

"Winning the award and having the presentation made him feel good about the season.

"It made him feel it
cheap ray bans was all worthwhile."

This Sunday’s preliminary finals start 10.30am at Kitchener Park with the ladies League Tag game between Gunnedah and Oxley Diggers.

It’s a big day for the Bulldogs with all four grades in preliminary finals.

Their Under 18s play North Tamworth and second grade side tackles Quirindi/West Lions before the first grade clash between traditional rivals Narrabri Blues and Gunnedah Bulldogs.Articles Connexes: